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How it Works

Submit Your Campaign

Provide your product details and initiate your advertising campaign. We will create your landing page and distribute it to advertisers through the BitAds subnetwork.

Miners Join The Mission

Hundreds of individuals are incentivized to promote your product's landing page on various online platforms. They act as miners within the BitAds subnetwork, earning rewards for generating organic traffic to your website.

Validators Role

Validators of the network will evaluate each promoter's unique link, ensuring that they bring organic traffic to your website and rewarding them accordingly.

Monitor Your Campaign

Optimize your marketing efforts by monitoring your campaign traffic statistics through your FirstAds account. Access real-time insights on click-through rates, impressions, and engagement to refine your strategies and maximize ROI.

Our Vision

Empowering the most efficient and far-reaching decentralized advertising network on the planet via innovative incentives.

Why FirstAds

Cost Effective
Elevate your advertising strategy with FirstAds, reaching a wider audience of promoters at a fraction of the cost through our extensive digital advertising network.
Marketing Revolution
Our advertisers will not only promote your website, but they will compete to offer superior traffic for your brand, setting a new standard in promotional effectiveness!
Organic Engagement
Our influencers are driven to deliver organic traffic, as the subnetwork's core possesses the capability to identify artificial traffic, ensuring a smart and authentic advertising campaign for your brand.


FirstAds stands out by leveraging a network of diverse promoters who do more than just advertise your brand. They engage in a dynamic competition to become the top advocate for your product, driving them to innovate and excel in their promotional tactics. This competition fosters creativity and dedication, ensuring your product receives not just widespread coverage but also the most impactful and innovative advertising efforts.

On FirstAds, promoters are incentivized to drive organic traffic to your product or brand through a unique system. They are operating miners on the Bittensor network, where their success in attracting attention to your product directly influences their rewards. These rewards are given in the form of TAO tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the Bittensor network. This setup encourages a competitive environment where each promoter strives to outperform others, ensuring your product receives the most innovative and dedicated marketing efforts

Our network currently boasts over 230 advertisers (miners) across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and more, ensuring broad and varied exposure for your brand. As we evolve, we anticipate this number to escalate into the thousands, significantly increasing the influencers advocating to promote your website.

FirstAds is an innovative decentralized advertising platform created by FirstTensor Validator. Built on the Bittensor Subnetwork 16, known as BitAds, FirstAds harnesses the security and transparency of blockchain technology coupled with the expansive reach of digital marketing, revolutionizing the landscape of digital advertising.